Round 9 Team Lists

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State Winter Championships 2015

Day 1 Senior SWC in Geelong saw a mixed bag of action for Bendigo today.

Game 1 North East v Bendigo 6-1 loss. Billy Parsons starting pitcher. Charlie Hay, Matt Gould, Joel Brownlee and Sean Meldrum were hitters for game.

Game 2 Bendigo v DBA U23 5 all draw. Pitcher Sean Meldrum threw 7.2 innings, Lachie Jack finished innings with strike out in 4 pitchers. Hitters for Bendigo Charlie Hay, Aaron Petri, Brad Huggard, Matt Gould and Billy Parsons.

Bendigo came up against Mt Gambier in game 3 Sunday going down 7-1. Pitchers for match - Lachie Jack & Darcy Harrison. Between pitchers only 3 earned runs scored. Errors costly early in match. Hitters today being Tyson Cox Davies and Aaron Petri with doubles and Billy Parsons and John Taylor with singles. Next match v Sunraysia @ 2:45pm.

Game 4 Bendigo went down in a tough tussle with Sunraysia. 9-3. Pitchers for match were Josh Brown and John Taylor. Hitters:- Singles to Aaron Petri, Josh Brown, Callum Mitchell.

Game 5 Out at Deakin University this Monday morning, Bendigo put it together to win 10 - 3 against La Trobe Valley. 
Highlight - Home Run for Aaron Petri in the bottom of 2. 
Pitchers were:- Billy Parsons and closing Sean Meldrum. 
Other Hitters today were:- singles to Aaron Petri (2), Sean Meldrum (2), Lachie Jack (1), Matt Gould (1), John Taylor(1).

Congratulations Sean Meldrum on being awarded All Star for Bendigo at the 2015 SWC.

Congratulations to Sean Meldrum, Matt Gould and Sarah Plowright on a great weekend.

Bendigo Representative Team 2015

2014 B-Grade Premiers

Congratulations to all involved.


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