Round 11 Tball Report

Tball round 11 was played against Scots at Dodgers ground on 12.7.2015. Despite several players being away due to illness, the remaining players did a fantastic job. 
Fielding abilities are developing very well. East players are really getting the hang of relaying the ball in from the outfield, and thinking about where to throw the ball to get batters out. Xavier is running well on his own initiative into the outfield, relaying the ball back accurately to Hayley, then into Harry in centre field. George stopped the batted ball at short stop and threw accurately to first base, almost getting the batter the out. Charlie has not played for a few weeks, but did a great job today getting some batters out. Sally is consistently strong, nimble and fast. All players showed great base running, with lots of smiles. 
Good preparation is paying off. Our players and families are bringing  the players to games in great condition and well prepared. It is great to eat breakfast, not stay up to late the night before. Our players are always in uniform, with caps and bring water bottles. This all helps them to do their best. 
East Tballers are also showing great attitude. All players are concentrating and trying their best and are kind and fair to everyone. 
Thank-you to the Copeland family for bringing three guests to play today. Harry, Katie and McKenzie caught on really quickly, and they also did their best and achieved some great play. Thanks to Jason and Chris for base coaching, John for continuing to score and to Jacqui for keeping the line up in order. 

Next Round

Round 12:  19th July, 2015


Age Group Time Team Venue
Under 13 10:45am Scots ARR2
T-Ball 9:30am Falcons ARR2